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The Biggest Auto Market You’ve Never Heard Of

The competition is packed in the electric personal vehicle market, but one company, Chanje is heading into the “medium-duty electric truck” market. Not too heavy, not too light, just right. Anyway, medium-duty trucks are a rare breed, but Chanje’s trucks are not a concept- they’re ready for sale and leasing is expected to begin in the next weeks. Chanje has already struck a deal with Ryder, one of the largest medium-duty truck fleet management companies in the US.

The Most Eligible Electric Car Market? China

If the auto market were a dating reality show, China would definitely get a rose and a one-on-one date. With China surpassing the US as the biggest market for electric vehicles last year, the global auto industry has zeroed in on the opportunities in the country’s 40% share of the global market. Ford’s new joint venture with Chinese Anhui Zotye Automobile  Co. follows market entries by Volvo, General Motors, Volkswagen, Nissan, and other companies.

N.Y. holdback ruling favors Maserati store

An administrative law judge in New York has sided with a Maserati dealership in a lawsuit over whether changes to incentive programs constitute modifications to a franchise agreement. Wide World Maserati in Spring Valley, N.Y., argued in a New York court last month that when Maserati North America reduced holdback payments to the dealership on sold vehicles, the change qualified as a franchise modification, regulated by New York's dealership law, as revised in 2009.

Law & Tesla: Lobbyist Intent

In the automotive market system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the manufacturers who make cars and the dealerships who sell their creations. These are their stories. The federal judge in Tesla’s suit against Michigan over the 2014 law that bans manufacturers from selling directly to customers recently said two state lawmakers must turn over records of their communications with lobbyists related to the law. The win is part of several records that Tesla has subpoenaed as part of the case.

The Boogie Bus is Back, and It’s Not a Lemon

This piece of news just made an electric slide into auto headlines. VW’s famous microbus will be back in their lineup in 2022 and can be fueled up for a nostalgic trip to Woodstock via an electric charging station. The I.D. Buzz, as the concept vehicle is named, will be available in the North American, European, and Chinese markets. Read the full article here.

Arent Fox Secures Precedent Setting Victory on Behalf of Maserati Dealers

New York, NY - Earlier this week, Arent Fox LLP secured an important decision on margin and bonus programs for Maserati dealers in New York. The Arent Fox team argued before Administrative Law Judge Walter Zulkoski of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, who ultimately granted in all aspects the firm’s motion for partial summary judgment.   

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Signs Bill into Law Preserving the Rights of Auto Dealerships

On Thursday, May 4, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland signed into law a bill which will help preserve the rights of auto dealerships throughout the state when dealing with auto manufacturers. The new law provides that key performance metrics for new motor vehicle dealers must consider local demographic and geographic limitations, among other fairness requirements. This new law redefines the often-contested issue of primary market area analysis and changes the standards for measuring and comparing dealer performance.

Four Wheel Data Drive: The Data Protection and Notification Requirements Automotive Dealers Need To Know

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Data Breach Notification Statutes in NY, CA, and FL As Applied to Retail Automotive Dealerships While autonomous car technology currently dominates privacy and security headlines in the automotive sector, cybersecurity should be top of mind for all players in our industry, including retail automotive dealerships. In fact, the FTC requires car dealers to match data protection standards required by financial institutions. 

Who’s Driving? (Not You.) Autonomous Vehicles Lead to Interesting Privacy and Data Security Questions

If you attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you probably noticed many concepts applied to the one item that many Americans use every day: the automobile. Over the past few years technology developers and manufacturers have set their sights on the automotive industry, which is one of the largest industries in the United States. From automated cars, syncing software, to wearable devices that interact with a vehicle, it is clear that our time in the car is under an era of rapid change.   

Arent Fox Advises Beck Chevrolet Co, Inc. in Performance Dispute Win

New York, NY –  On May 3, Arent Fox LLP won a precedent setting decision with national implications on behalf of Beck Chevrolet Co., Inc. before the New York Court of Appeals on certified questions from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. In Beck Chevrolet Co., Inc. v General Motors LLC, the Second Circuit asked the New York Court of Appeals to interpret two provisions of New York’s Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer Act involving sales performance standards and franchise modifications.